2023 Business Writing: Business Writing for Beginners Course

5 Hours
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68 Lessons (5h)

  • Your First Program

  • What Pattern Can Be Applied to Almost Any Business Writing Project?

    Business Writing: One Pattern, Infinite Applications (Course Trailer)0:39
    What You’ll Be able to Write: Reports, Proposals, Sales Copy, and More1:40
    Welcome to the Course. Can You Wield Achilles’ Spear?4:07
    Access the Business Writing Study Guide, Outline Bank, and Special Resources
    How to Attempt Challenges and Earn Business Writing Skills Badges
    Meet the Writers Who will Share their Tips with You in the Course3:40
  • Learn How to Write Proper Sentences that Make an Impact on Readers

    Ingredients You Can Use to Make Delicious Sentences3:34
    Examples of the Four Kinds of Sentences2:25
    The Big 4 in Punctuation: Commas, Hyphens, Dashes, and Quotes4:22
    How to Use Apostrophes, Colons, Ellipses, Exclamation Points, and Parentheses3:00
    SideBYSide: Proper Use of Dashes, Commas, and Quotes7:02
    Clear and Moving: How to Choose Words that Make an Impact3:27
    Voices from the Field: What is Quality Writing?4:29
    Assignment: Take this Short Piece of Writing to the Next Level2:31
    Learn More About Earning Skills Badges
    Get Ready to Become an Architect (of Ideas)1:02
  • Written Architecture: How to Organize Your Ideas in an Outline

    What are the Impactful Business Writing Ingredients?3:10
    How Your Message Becomes Sentences, Sections, and Paragraphs5:06
    Let’s Visualize How to Use the Five-Paragraph Pattern Effectively3:42
    Voices from the Field: How Do You Grab a Reader’s Attention?4:13
    Access the Business Writing Outline Guides and Tools Bank0:24
    Want access to Challenges associated with this course?
    Side By Side: How to Use the Outline Bank to Build an Outline10:55
    Assignment: Organize these Messages Like a Pyramid1:18
    Coming Up: The Closest Thing On the Internet to a Lightsaber0:58
  • How to Research Any Topic: Boolean Search Modifiers and Citations

    Did George Boole Create Our Information Age?2:37
    How Boolean Searches are Real-life Lightsabers4:33
    How to Use the BOSS Method to Qualify a Source2:32
    Side By Side: How to Use Boolean Searches to Find High-quality Research Fast8:45
    Side By Side: Four Methods for Reverse Engineering Peer-reviewed Research7:23
    Learn How to Cite Sources in Business Writing in Minutes4:24
    Side By Side: How to Use the Eazl Citation Creation Machine2:56
    Voices from the Field: How Do You Perform Research Before Writing?3:15
    Assignment: How Should this Investor Approach the Space Industry?2:44
    Let’s Scale the Boolean Mountain0:56
  • How to Write Effective Topic Sentences and Well-structured Paragraphs

    Liftoff! Let’s Launch Your Outline into Orbit.2:38
    How to Write Topic Sentences to Open Paragraphs5:20
    How to Write Opening, Body, and Concluding Paragraphs4:05
    Side By Side: Writing a Topic Sentence and Introductory Paragraph Step-by-Step5:56
    Let’s Write a Paragraph Using Dictation/Voice Command Software3:59
    Voices from the Field: What’s Your Writing Process Like?3:50
    Assignment: Use these Messages to Build a Body Paragraph2:36
    Your Writing is a Home--Build it with Quality Materials1:13
  • Make it Brilliant: How to Write Titles, Format, and Proofread Your Piece

    What did Mark Twain Say to Write Instead of the Word “Very”?3:02
    How to Write Your Titles and Format Your Piece6:22
    Copy Editing: Take These Three Steps to Upgrade Your Piece3:45
    Voices from the Field: How Do You Use Formatting Tools When You Write?4:32
    Side By Side: Let’s Revise Together Step-by-Step: (1) Clarity (2) Flow (3) Polish7:04
    Side By Side: Three Common Proofreading Upgrades + a Google Docs Skills Boost7:30
    Side By Side: Let’s Practice Writing Titles Together4:52
    Side By Side: Text Styles, Custom Colors, Rulers, and Bookmarks in Google Docs11:40
    Side By Side: How to Use Headers, Footnotes, and Page Numbers in Google Docs3:44
    Side By Side: How to Move, View Versions, Share, and Export Google Documents5:38
    Assignment: Proofread and Format this Paragraph1:28
    Remember: “Don’t Bury the _____”0:53
  • Let’s Write Five Pieces of Business Writing Together Step by Step

    Introducing the Three-step ADR Writing Method2:15
    Example 1 (Sales Proposal): Creating the Outline for Your Proposal15:07
    Example 1 (Sales Proposal): Writing the First Draft of Your Proposal9:18
    Example 1 (Sales Proposal): Revising and Formatting Your Sales Proposal9:25
    Example 2 (Data Report): Let’s Build the Outline for a Formal Report6:49
    Example 2 (Data Report): Let’s Write and Format Our Data Report6:05
    Example 2 (Data Report): Let’s Have a Friend Proofread the Data Report1:19
    Example 3 (Online Article): Let’s Outline a Promotional Post Together12:45
    Example 3 (Online Article): Let’s Write and Revise Our Promotional Piece9:04
    Example 4 (Internal Proposal): Let’s Outline an Internal Proposal or Recommendation7:09
    Example 4 (Internal Proposal): Let’s Save Time by Dictating Our Memo7:32
    Example 4 (Internal Proposal): Revising Our Internal Proposal10:12
    Example 5 (Promotional Video Script): Let’s Write the Script for a Persuasive Video6:37

Improve Your Writing Skills! Be Able to Craft Effective Messages & Impress Clients and Colleagues in a Business Environment


Eazl | The Online School That Fits Your Life

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Eazl is a totally new approach to business education, offering practical business courses in HD that fuse animation, interviews, templates, and interactive exercises to achieve better outcomes for participants in the community. We deliver business tools based on research from institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford in a beautiful format that is optimized for maximum learning and retention and our team responds to your questions to support your learning outcomes. Use Weekly Brain Boosts (Fridays at 10am PST) and our frequent live events to keep your business brain engaged. Learning is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

Eazl is led by Davis (Head of Product) and Ludell (Marketing Director) with contributions from Patton (animation), Agustín (analytics), and Deer (public relations).


Whether you are writing an email to a colleague or a proposal for a client, you need to be able to communicate clearly. Employers need employees with strong written communication skills and, in a world where a majority of interactions happen online, your writing skills are often your main points of contact with other professionals. The skills you will learn in this course are both scarce and in demand.

Do you want to make sure that your ideas are not lost because of poor writing quality? Do you need to speak on behalf of an organization and make sure you keep your readers’ trust? Do you need to convert potential clients into paying clients? Are you hoping to be a manager one day? If so, you need to know how to organize your ideas and write about them effectively.

4.3/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 68 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Be able to write with impact
  • Make your writing look trustworthy & pro-grade
  • Organize your ideas in an outline
  • Research any topic & cite the research you've found
  • Learn why boolean searches are like digital lightsabers for a business writer
  • Be able to write effective headlines
  • Proofread & format your pieces
  • Maximize the use of Google Documents' more advanced features
  • Write a sales proposal, data report, online article, proposal, & promotional video script step-by-step
Christina A.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Well organized, experienced instructor with lots of infectious enthusiasm, couldn't help but watch the course to an end in several sittings. Instructor provides actionable examples and lots of resources for further reference. I do recommend the course to all that need to polish up their writing or even beginners."


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